I hereby present you the studio where the magic happens

TNT Studio

We have around 120 square meters of premise. Everything we need to run a photography business. Consists of a small office area with a fun/chill corner, a dressing room, an area for the makeup artists and hairdressers, a bathroom and small kitchen area with a coffee machine of course.

We have a pretty decsent range of Profoto gear which can please every demanding user. You can scroll down for the list of the equipment


  • 2 x Profoto D1 500 Air
  • 1 x Profoto D1 1000 Air
  • Profoto B2 Location kit with two heads
  • Air Remote TTL trigger for Nikon
  • Air Remote trigger universal


  • RFi Softbox Rectangular 1,3'x2'
  • RFi Softbox Rectangular 2'x3'
  • RFi Softbox Rectangular 3'x4'
  • Elinchrome Rotalux Octa 135 cm profoto adapted (w/ hooded diffuser)
  • Softlight Reflector Silver
  • Zoom Reflector
  • Magnum Reflector
  • Umbrella Deep Silver size L (w/ diffusion)
  • Elinchrome Umbrella Deep silver 125 cm (w/ diffusion)
  • 2 x OCF Softbox Strip 1'x3'
  • OCF Softbox Octa
  • OCF Beauty Dish White
  • OCF Barndoor
  • OCF Snoot
  • OCF Grid Kit
  • OCF Color Gel Starter Kit



  • 3 x D1 Stands
  • Manfrotto various stands to complement and help the lighting setups


  • Black
  • Lagoon blue
  • Cherry red
  • Lastolite Washington
  • Stands to hang the backdrops

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