So I bought a Fujifilm camera. A small one. A really nice one. FUJI x100f! And I am in love with it.

I'll put another article how it performs in general but this time I'm gona tell about how it is holding in the studio. It ROCKS! I mean it really ROCKS! Nice colors and transitions. I must say that the results are impressive straight out of the camera and especially with classic chrome applied. Have a look at some of the shots we did with Nelly

You can see the whole gallery shot along with Nikon d800e here

Model: Nelly Delcheva

Lighting: 1.35m Octagonal soft box

Model: Fujifilm x100f
Shutter Speed: 1/160 second
Aperture: F/11
Focal Length: 23 mm on X-Trans™* CMOS III
ISO Speed: 200